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Explore fgeo

? fgeo_browse, fgeo_browse_reference Open a web browser on fgeo’s website.
? fgeo_help Get help with fgeo.
? fgeo_packages Names of the core fgeo packages.


? autoplot Plot habitats.
? autoplot Plot species distribution and/or topography.
? autoplot_by_species List plots of species distribution and topography (good for pdf output).
? elev Allow autoplotting the column ‘elev’.
? plot_dbh_bubbles_by_quadrat List dbh bubble-plots by quadrat (good for .pdf output).
? plot_tag_status_by_subquadrat List plots of tree-tag status by subquadrat (good for .pdf output).
? sp Allow autoplotting the column ‘sp’.
? sp_elev Allow autoplotting the columns ‘sp’ and ‘elev’.


? abundance_byyr, basal_area_byyr Create tables of abundance and basal area by year.
? abundance, basal_area Abundance and basal area, optionally by groups.


? recruitment_ctfs, mortality_ctfs, growth_ctfs Recruitment, mortality, and growth.


? fgeo_elevation Create elevation data.
? fgeo_habitat Create habitat data from measures of topography.
? fgeo_topography Create topography data: convexity, slope, and mean elevation.
? tt_test Torus Translation Test to determine habitat associations of tree species.

Import and manipulate ForestGEO data

Import ForestGEO data

? read_vft, read_taxa Import ViewFullTable or ViewTaxonomy data from a .tsv or .csv file.

Edit data in place

? sanitize_vft, sanitize_taxa Fix common problems in ViewFullTable and ViewTaxonomy data.

Pick/drop rows with matching conditions

? pick_drop, pick_dbh_min, pick_dbh_max, pick_dbh_under, pick_dbh_over, pick_status, drop_status Pick and drop rows from ViewFullTable, tree, and stem tables.
? pick_main_stem, pick_main_stemid Pick the main stem or main stemid(s) of each tree in each census.

Add new columns to a dataframe

? add_status_tree Add column ‘status_tree’ based on the status of all stems of each tree.
? add_subquad Add column ‘subquadrat’ based on ‘QX’ and ‘QY’ coordinates.
? add_var, add_lxly, add_qxqy, add_index, add_col_row, add_hectindex, add_quad, add_gxgy Add columns ‘lx/ly’, ‘QX/QY’, ‘index’, ‘col/row’, ‘hectindex’, ‘quad’, ‘gx/gy’.


? datasets, elevation, habitat, stem5, stem6, tree5, tree6, vft_4quad, tree6_3species Access data via ‘library(fgeo.x)’ or ‘fgeo.x::’.
? download_data Access data stored online.
? example_path Access data stored in system files.