How to setup .Rprofile for easiest installation of fgeo?

  1. Open .Rprofile (e.g. with usethis::edit_r_profile()) and add this code:
  1. Save .Rprofile, close it, and restart R.

In every R session you can now install fgeo with install.packages("fgeo").

How to update fgeo?

update.packages(repos = "")

How to remove fgeo?

How to avoid or fix common installation problems?

Update R, RStudio, and R packages

Instruct RStudio not to preserve your workspace between sessions

In RStudio go to Tools > Global Options…

Use RStudio projects (or the here package)

Restart R many times each day

Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + F10 to restart RStudio or go to Session > Restart R.

Increase the rate limit to request downloads from GitHub

See usethis::browse_github_pat().

Prepare your system to build packages from source

Sometimes you may need to install the source version of an R package (e.g. from CRAN or GitHub).

How to ask questions, report bugs, or propose features

Open a new issue

How to get help?

See also Getting help with fgeo or email Mauro Lepore (

How to contribute to fgeo?

See Contributing to fgeo.

How to search functions and datasets

See Reference

How to search anything in ForestGEO GitHub’s organization?

GitHub’s search engine is powerful. Go to and search anything.

How to search the source code of a specific function?

  1. Browse to the relevant package’s website (e.g. fgeo).

  2. Find the function under Reference (e.g. fgeo’s Reference).

  3. Click the link to Source under the topic’s title. For example:

How to search or share general resources with fgeo’s community?

Visit forestgeo/learn.

How to discuss a general question with fgeo’s community?

Open a New issue at forestgeo/forum.

How to try fgeo before installing it?

Try fgeo from your webrowser at

How to contact a human?

Contact fgeo’s maintainer.

How to keep updated with fgeo’s developments?

Checkout fgeo’s blog.

Follow @mauro_lepore or #fgeo #rstats on twitter