fgeo.tool helps you to import and manipulate ForestGEO data.


Install the latest stable version of fgeo.tool from CRAN with:


Install the development version of fgeo.tool from GitHub with:

Or install all fgeo packages in one step.


example_path() allows you to access datasets stored in your R libraries.

read_vft() and read_taxa() import a ViewFullTable and ViewTaxonomy from .tsv or .csv files.

pick_dbh_under(), drop_status() and friends pick and drop rows from a ForestGEO ViewFullTable or census table.

pick_main_stem() and pick_main_stemid() pick the main stem or main stemid(s) of each tree in each census.

add_status_tree() adds the column status_tree based on the status of all stems of each tree.

add_index() and friends add columns to a ForestGEO-like dataframe.

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