Import ForestGEO data

read_vft() read_taxa()

Import ViewFullTable or ViewTaxonomy data from a .tsv or .csv file.

Edit data in place

sanitize_vft() sanitize_taxa()

Fix common problems in ViewFullTable and ViewTaxonomy data.

Pick/drop rows with matching conditions

pick_dbh_min() pick_dbh_max() pick_dbh_under() pick_dbh_over() pick_status() drop_status()

Pick and drop rows from ViewFullTable, tree, and stem tables.

pick_main_stem() pick_main_stemid()

Pick the main stem or main stemid(s) of each tree in each census.

Add new columns to a dataframe


Add column status_tree based on the status of all stems of each tree.


Add column subquadrat based on QX and QY coordinates.

add_lxly() add_qxqy() add_index() add_col_row() add_hectindex() add_quad() add_gxgy()

Add columns lx/ly, QX/QY, index, col/row, hectindex, quad, gx/gy.

Create different classes of ForestGEO data


Create elevation data.

Objects exported from other packages

reexports %||% filter mutate select arrange summarize summarise group_by ungroup count add_count starts_with ends_with contains matches num_range one_of everything last_col tibble tribble as_tibble

Objects exported from other packages